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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 12, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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factor. thank you for watching. i am bill o'reilly, reporting from boston. please, always remember, the spin stops right here in massachusetts because we are definitely looking out for you. this is a fox news alert. we are awaiting live remarks at president obama in a campaign fund-raisener las vegas. he is expected to talk about the ongoing situation in libya, following the killing of a u.s. ambassador and three americans at the consalate. when he begins, we will take you there live. also, at this hour, you are looking live outside the u.s. embass necairo, egypt, where yesterday violent protesters breached the embassy walls walld replaced the american flog with one similar to the one use by al qaeda, hours before the one in libbia. this, as u.s. officials are investigating whether or not the attack on the consalate in lib
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yafs an organized terrorist attack. a senior administration official, tonight, tells fox news that the attack was too well planned to be considered spontaneous. and it may have been planned to mark the 11-year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. joining me live from tripoli, from global radio news, terry freal. i understand, there is a growing group again around the embassy. is the american flag flying there? >> reporter: yes, it is, at the moment, yes. >> tell us the latest on ground. >> reporter: on the ground here in tripoli, it is very quiet at the moment. it is 3:00 in the morning. the pro-u.s. demonstrations have finished. there is not a lot of tension here. but there is a lot of confusion in the government over how to deal with the situation and the killings that happened in benghazi, 24 hours ago now. >> we appreciate you being with us. thank you. the historical context of the
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national tragedy cannot be understated, the last time a diplomat of this stature was assassinated was 1979, when the u.s. ambassador to afghanistan was killed in a gun battle. the events of yesterday felt similar to the era of weakness that president jimmy carter presided over. on a day when americans hoped to pause in remembrance of the victims of the 9/11 terror attacks, they were instead greeted with the face of a new age of terrorists, even worse, greeted with a president unwilling or unable to confront them. but the violence on september 11, 2012, didn't start libya. it began when radical islamists in egypt who, were outrained over a u.s.-made film that insults muhammad, and burned the american flag and replaced it with one similar to that of al qaeda. the white house issue aid
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staimentd apologizing to the radicals, saying, quote, the embassy condemns misguided efforts to hurt the religious feelings of muslims. the president is at a campaign stop in las vegas. he is expected to speak on this topic. >> thank you! thank you. thank you very much. a great round of applause for the wonderful introduction. [cheers and applause] >> i also want to say it's good to see your once and next congresswoman! [cheering]
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it is so good to see all of you. i love you back. i do. [cheering] >> i want to begin [crowd chanting four more years]. >> thank you. thank you. [cheering] >> i want to begin tonight by just saying a few words about a tough day that we have had today. you know... we... we lost four americans last night who were killed when they were attacked at a diplomatic post in libya. and they were serving overseas on our behalf.
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despite the dangers, despite the risks, to help one of the world's youngest democracies got on its feet. they were working to advance the interest and the values that we hold dear as americans. and as americans, we stand united, all of us, in gratitude for their service. and we are mindful of their sacrifice. and we want to send out heart-felt prayers to their loved ones who grieve today. [cheering] >> it's a remind they're the freedoms we enjoy... sometimes even the freedoms we take for granted, they're only sustained because there are people like those who were killed, who were willing to stand up for those
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freedoms. who are willing to fight for those freedoms. in some cases, to lay down their lives for those freedoms. and tonight, let's think of them and thank them. as for the ones we lost last night, i want to assure you, we will bring their killers to justice. [cheering] and we want to send a message all around the world to anybody who would do us harm, no acts of terror will dim the lights of the values that we browardly shine on the rest of the world and no act of violence will shake the resolve of the united states of america. [cheering] >> we will not be deterred. we will keep going.
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we will keep going because the world needs us. we are the one indisspensible power in the world. if we are going to seeacy and security for our children and our grandchildren, then that means that this generation of americans has to lead. we are going to have to keep doing the work, no matter how hard it seems sometimes. and that's what i want to talk to you about here today. we have work to do overseas. we also have to do some work here at home. [cheering] >> we have to do some work right here in the great state of nevada. [cheering] because nevada is a battleground state, you are aware that we have an election going on.
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>> >> sean: they said the comments would come early in the speech. i assume that's all he's going to say. he said it's a tough day today and only 24 hours after it happened did he say we will bring those people to justice. at no time, did he mention islamic terrorists. perhaps he will refer to this as workplace violence. before the president spoke, the protests in cairo started when a group, reportedly outraged over a low-budget film that insults the prophet mohammed, burned the american flag and replace tuesday with one that is similar to that of al qaeda. 9 1/2 hours straight, the statement and the official position of the government was apologizing to the radicals and it read, quote, from the embationzy, they condemn the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of muslims.
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feelings being hurt should have been the least of this concern. while the president and hillary clinton want to claim they didn't authorize that statement thappenned under their watch and they should be ashamed. governor romney addressed this pathetic response in jacksonville, florida, earlier today. >> obviously, the administration was wrong to stand by a statement, sympathizing with those who had breached our embassy in egypt, instead of condemning their actions. it is never too early for the united states government to condemn attacks on americans. and to defend our values. the white house distanced itself last night from the statement, saying it wasn't cleared by washington. that reflects the mixed signals they're sending to the world. >> sean: the interesting thing is that the president earlier said that mitt romney was, quote, willing to shoot first and aim second. apparently, now he is following governor romney. ann coulter is here with her observations of what has gone on here. look, the president, you know,
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barack... the appeaseer, i mean, this is remarkable to me, that here we have our embassy that is breached and attacked by radical islamists. they rip down our flag and our government's response for -- response officially for 9 1/2 hours is an apology? >> u, yes. and you can drop the part about it being inspired by the low-budget movie. give me a break. it's 9/11. i noticed it's 9/11. why didn't the obama administration notice it's 9/11? and farth tort -- farther to the naivete, with men running around, shooting in the air, that that was going to lead to a democracy, a rev revolution that looks like the l.a. riots is not going to lead to anything good. i knew that last march. why didn't the manager know this
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was inevitable? it is exactly like jimmy carter. all we need -- he has wrecked the economy, he is utterly naive. >> sean: they ripped down our flag! they hold up a flag and say, no god but allah, muhammad is the messenger. the a.p. said they were extremist islamists. so we know who they are. the president -- like ft. hood, workplace shoot ago before you shoot when you say allah akbar, this is a terrorist attack. this is not an overseas contingency operation. how embarrassing and weak we -- this country seems when this president does not have the courage to say what is a fact, that this country is being engaged by radicals that want to destroy us and that a war on terror continues to exist. this is breathtaking. >> no, i know! i know! it is back to the carter era! and as reagan said, strength
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never goes out of style. they were testing us with the initial attacks. and what did they get back from the obama administration? a complaint about -- about some -- this protectual film that insulted the little darlings' feelings. >> sean: in the case of benghazi, it reminded me of splollia and mogadishu. they didn't know where the ambassador was for 5 hours. obama went to sleep last night, without knowing the outcome of that -- of all the concern. he is in vegas, he spends a minute and-a-half and he moves on to give me some money. help re-elect me -- >> it's a nice day for a fund-raiser. >> sean: in the city where he says don't go blowing your money in vegas. just a surprise. i i guess the question -- what are we to do when our flag is flying on what is essentially u.s. property and people overtake and breach our embassy, rip down our flag and shout, one
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god, muhammad is his prophet. >> you don't apal is for what they are allegedly insulted by. i mean pagain, we all knew that yesterday. everyone i know was enraged by the response before our ambassador was killed, saying, they are testing us. why is he responding by apologizing for this movie? why are people even talking about this in movie? it is manifestly a pretext. even if it weren't a pretext twould be like after the oklahoma city bombing, having the administration apologize for waco. it's really madness. and they are, instead of doing what they should be doing -- retaliating. they are leading to more and more -- we need to incent a time machine and not allow this wonderful flowering ofs in in the arab spring -- yeah, that's worked out great. >> sean: all the apologizing to the arab world. there is an unwillingness to acknowledge the truth, which radical islamists exist and they
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have no problem raiding our embassy. here's the irony of all of this, the liberal media and we will show this later. what is their answer? to attack governor romney for doing what our president should have done and say this is unacceptable. we are not going to allow it. we have a tape where they coordinated their questions together so they you ask, you felr follow-up, you ask, you follow-up. >> no. it's stunning. you know that romney's statement was devastating to president obama because the media is screaming bloody murder. if he hadn't struck gold with that, they wouldn't all be doing this. that's their response to everything. oh, can you believe he said that? yeah, i can-- i was actually thankful that we had a leader that came out and defended the united states of america and said that there will be consequences -- >> this is the consistent, it is not just with terrorists, this is the division between the parties, which is why you can't allow a democrat anywhere near national security. it is always to back down in the
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face of extremism, whether it's bolshevism -- >> i love when he said, you should tell them to go straight to hell. charles, great answer. $1.5 billion we give to the muslim brotherhood. >> yeah. >> sean: in the early part of the arab spring, there were a few of us that read the pew and the other polls and new the electorate wanted sharia law. they wanted to vote in radsicallism, the obama administration -- democracy. that's what they promised. >> right. >> sean: we are giving white house visits to terrorist members of the muslim brotherhood. but $1.5 billion taxpayer dollars. should we cut off the money to lib yaia and to egypt? >> well, yeah! we ought to get a republican in the white house. what is the one island of democracy in that god-forsaken
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region? iraq! george bush's iraq. that's how you install a democracy in the middle-east, with the help of the united states military. it is not with a bunch of men running around, gang raping american journalists and shooting guns in the air. the idea that this was going to lead to anything good was preposterous. >> a big impact on the campaign -- last question. >> i -- i-- booing god and booing jerusalem -- >> i think it ought to. but i think the economy is going to remain the predominant issue. but i don't know. this could get worse and worse. the more you back down to savage, the more they are going to attack. >> sean: we are living through at this time rise of radical islamists. >> you know what we are -- we are living off the good effect of the war in iraq. the good effect of the bush years. but you can only live off that so long. >> sean: i think this president is a wimp. i think this president doesn't have the courage to stand up to these terrorists.
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either that or he can't identify it for what it is -- >> he is utterly naive, you can say that of all liberals. he's a typical democrat. >> sean: it's worse than that. >> when we were deposing the shaw of iran, you had, you know, half of the princeton faculty assuring us that the ayatollah will be so much better for peace. liberals building the third-world comeral dictators will be fantastic. that's what they mean by democracy. >> sean: thank you for your patience tonight. i think what is penitentiary to look at is that the -- what is important to look at is that radicalism is prevalent in the middle east and exposes a clear and present danger to americans here and abroad. in other words, the wroi war on terrorism is ongoing. cairo, thousands of protesters are hitting the streets. let me bring in middle-east experts. you know, michael, all throughout our argument that we have had as the arab spring was unfolding, you told me, over and
9:18 pm
over again that things were going to work out. and democracy was going to emerge. i limit brotherhood was going to take over. they got parliament and said israel is their number-1 enemy. will you agree with me that i was right and you were wrong on this particular issue? >> brother sean, as somebody called you today. i will agree with you on that particular, specific issue. but i don't agree with everything. first of all, i want to extend my prayers for the bereaved families and condemn what has happened in libya-- you told me the muslim brotherhood would be moderated by the military. that's not true, michael. >> sean, if you look at our own democracy ttook many years to stabilize the democracy. it will tame take sometime. it is happening. but let's give them some time, sean. >> sean: even though -- as they rip down our flag and the radicals take over and put up an al qaeda flag.
9:19 pm
michael wants me to give them sometime? -- [overlapping dialogue] >> we are not going to waste any more time! we are casting our -- [inaudible] they do not deserve our money. they dont deserve our support. it's about time, our president stands up as a man! and stands up to a bank of thugs! destroying our reputation and attacking us like this! this is the home of the brave, not the land of cowards. and we need a president who is a brave man to stand up against our enemy and stop squandering our monopeople who don't deserve it! we gave them enough time! now it's time to act! i urge everyone watching to go to act for america dot-org to put america's head back up high and speaking as the land of the brave! it is about time to act. >> sean: brigitte, maybe the president should have showed up at daily intelligence briefings, which democrats made such a big
9:20 pm
deal about when george bush was in the white house. maybe -- he can identify them as radical islamists, which they are! that seems to be missing in ft. hood -- that's the common theme this. president will not say the word radical terrorist. he will not say war on terrorism. it seems to me that -- he's pathetically weak. >> sean -- it is pathetically weak! sean, we found out the egyptian intelligence knew september 4 that there will be attacks against the united states embassy. if the egyptian intelligence knew that, ham how come our president did not know it? did they miss the briefing when they informed him about the embassy going to be attacked! this is not news! this is not new! we knew the embassies are going to be attacked! how come our government is putting our people's lives in danger, overseas in a country where we know they are not protecting our people?! this is why it's the job of the president and the job.
9:21 pm
people to hold him accountable to say that we are facing an enemy that is radical islamist and the flag they raised up is not an al qaeda flag, audios an islamic flag, invented in the 800s, the most authentic symbol of islam that they are bringing back and reviving to attack the western united states! >> sean: i appreciate you both being with us. i wish i was wrong when the arab spring was happening. we predicted the muslim brotherhood would be in charge. we predicted this would happen. the president ignored what was obvious to those of us who had eyes to see. we continue to monitor the volatile situation and bring you the latest as we get them. also, continue to monitor the escalating protests in cairo, a lot more coming up, including the mainstream media and their coordinated attacks at mitt romney's press conference, earlier today. earlier today. you don't want to miss this those little things still get you. for you, life's about her.
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>> sean: this is a fox news alert. we continue to monitor the ongoing situation in cairo, egypt. we will bring you the latest developments from the region as we get them. but first, for years, we on this program have been sounding the alarm about how dangerous the muslim brotherhood is and in particular, what would happen if that group took over in egypt. and the obama administration has done nothing but ignore what we have been telling them. while this white house glosses over what the group really stands for, we are here tonight. we want to spell this out. the muslim brotherhood is one of egypt's lastest islamic organizations and its main objective to create sharia law and its slogab gan -- islam is a
9:26 pm
solution. while the united states no longer considers the muslim brotherhood to be a foreign terrorist organization, osama bin laden's top deputy, and khalid sheikh mohammed joined the muslim brotherhood in kuwait at 16, as did bin laden. back in april, a delegation of muslim brotherhood officials met with white house staffers -- how appropriate. i think it's time for the president to get a back bone, denounce this group and also, what are they going to do at this point? joining me is the author of the new york times best seller, culture of corruption, michelle malkin. when you look at the height of this arab spring and to -- tahrir square. ular logan, rape in the square
9:27 pm
and beaten within an inch of her life. there were some in the mede and the president and the vice-president telling the world -- democracy, as the president helped to push mubarrable out. now we are giving the muslim brotherhood $1.5 billion and meetings in the white house. the president fails to acknowledge that what happened yesterday was the result of islamic radical extremists. i want to get your reaction. >>ors that that's right. he won't say those words or acknowledge the coddling that the administration is responsible for and the subsidizing of the islamic, violent agitation that we are now seeing. keep in mind, that the political arm of the muslim brotherhood, the freedom and justice party is instigating all of those so-called peaceful protests from now through friday and next friday and every friday. because every friday in the jihad world, it's riot friday against anything anti-western.
9:28 pm
pretext is the word of the day, the word of the century here. because any perceived insult that can be exploited to castigate, to demonize and to provoke violence against the west is the agenda of this group, muslim brotherhood and its affiliates. jihad is our way. that's part of their slogan. death for the sake of allah is what they strive for. the network of wahabi-sub wahabi-subsubsiddized groups -- it's very important that people on the other understand that. 9/11 is -- will we ever learn! if the muslim student association, it's the muslim american society, it's the groups that the bush justice department helped prosecute then. but of course, whether it's a republican state department or a in theic state department, have you this attitude of demitude
9:29 pm
that is killing americans abroad and here at home. >> sean: the president is sucking up to the muslim brotherhood. they get invited to the white house and they get american taxpayer dollars. they push mubarak out. this is their definition of democracy, how is it possible that the president didn't read the pew poll and the other polls that the people of egypt wanted sharia law and theocracy, how is it possible with all of his intelligence we sit here and predicted with pinpoint accuracy what would happen. the president, with all his resource, got it wrong and to this day, can't admit and he's campaigning in vegas. >> well, it's willful and deliberate white-washing of the civilization threats that face us. i was completely disgusted by the clip you showed at the beginning of your show, sean. these suck. we have four americans dead!
9:30 pm
who were butchered and slaughtered! because this administration did not have the foresight to fortify these embassies on the 11th anniversary of 9/11! and there he is, with all of his fan boys and fan girls in vegas, raising money while they scream "i love you" in the middle of an international crisis. how about his statement this afternoon in the rose garden?! he couldn't muster up a single flash of anger or outrage-- tough day he said. >> tough day! woe is me! the bloodlessness of his statement makes my blood boil and it should make every american's blood boil, especially in this week, a tough week for 3,000 families of people who died on 9/11! >> sean: this is why everybody's blood should be boiling. everybody! for nine and-a-half hour, the official position of the obama administration's state department was an initial apology to the people! that breached our embassy and
9:31 pm
ripped down our flag! and he said -- and we apologize to them?! we apologize to them?! you gotta be kidding me! >> it's white wash. it's always white wash. what did the state department do, what did the u.s. embassy do when they were caught with the ridiculous statement that the white house cut and ran from! they tried to delete t. we had it on our site, the deleted tweet it's. >> sean: i saw them. good job. >> the memory hole! now we have this feckless, lapdog media, conspiring to make this issue about romney! instead of about obama! the buck stops with you, buddy! >> sean: michelle malkin. we'll continue to monitor the ongoing situation. the probsters at this hour, gathering outside of the u.s. embassy, the crowds seem to be growing larger. we are seeing fires being set. firecrackers, perhaps bullets set off. we have the latest latest from ,
9:32 pm
where the embationz nebenghazi was attacked, killing our ambassador and three other americans. we have mitt romney with a press conference earlier today. this will outrage you, i this will outrage you, i promise, as "hannity" and our♪
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>> sean: you are looking at live pictures outside the u.s.
9:36 pm
embassy in cairo, egypt. smoke can be seen rising from the group. protesters can be seen, waving the egyptian flag. yesterday, the walls of the u.s. embassy were breached and protesters replaced the american flag with a banner similar to one used by al qaeda. in libbia, u.s. officials are he attack on the consalate in benghazi was an organized terrorist attack. a senior administration official tells fox news tonight that the attack may have been planned to mark the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. now, tonight, we have also learned that the pentagon has are ordered two u.s. warships to move toward the libyan coast. as americans mourn the loss of those who dedicated their lives to spreading the ideals of democracy, we must turn our focus to the media and their coverage of today's event, again, attempting to shield the president and spinning his foreign policy and trying to accuse and spin this interest a fault by governor romney that he committed some gaffe or another.
9:37 pm
joining us with the latest on the media bias, a fox news contributor and author of 50 things liberals love to hate, talk show host, mike gallagher. before we get to it, let's look at the questions. they are similar. governor romney today at his press conference, very strong statements today. and thank god somebody did -- it's never too early, he said, for the u.s. to condemn attacks on americans and defend our values. here's governor romney getting the same question over and over again today. >> do you regret the tone at all, given what we know now? >> what did the white house do wrong, governor romney, if they put out a statement saying they disagreed with it. >> talk about mixed signals. the world is watching. is it a mixed signal when you criticize the administration when americans are being killd? shouldn't politics be stopped? >> don't you think that you jumped the gun and think that you should have waited until details were revealed?
9:38 pm
do you regret making that statement before we knew everything that was happening. >> sean: it sounds the same. there was a feed. the reporters didn't know their microphones were hope -- open. we hear them colluding and conspiring how to question governor rom if he felt listen to this. >> that's the question. >> that's the question. >> i would say, i mean, i would say, do you regret your questions? i mean, your statement. not even the tone because then he can go on -- >> then if he does... >> you can't say that. who he calls on, we are covered on the one question that >> do you stand by your statement? >> then if he does, you just follow-up and they coordinated their questions. are our embassy was breached by
9:39 pm
radicals. the president won't a t. our flag was ripped down. people are shouting, there is one god, it's allah and the prophet is mohammed. this is u.s. territory, ostensibly. i want to know what is wrong with governor romney saying it's never too late for the u.s. to condemn attacks on americans. you disagree with that? >> that's a problem for governor romney and your hypothesis is that he said this before the attack. he issues that statement before the attacks-- no, no, no. he said it -- after what happened in cairo! >> excuse me, sean. the first statement he made, the first statement they put out, they had embargoed it until midnight. but he lifted the embargo early. >> sean: it was after it happened! >> look at the associated press fact check. it was before-- he put out a comment -- [overlapping dialogue] >> no, no, no ---- do you know how silly that sounds? >> he put a statement say that this embass necairo was
9:40 pm
apologizing for something they were not apologizing for-- they apologized for nine and-a-half hours. >> they didn't apologize. >> sean: i read the statement! >> there is not one apology. >> this is alternate universe time. frankly, it doesn't really matter at what time of day romney's position was issued. the fact that reporters would be in collusion and say, let's go after him. like you said, sean, there is virtually nothing wrong with what he said. when is it too early to defend america! >> sean: give me a break! >> sean: this was romney at his best. >> you bet. >> sean: politically speaking. but this is nine and-a-half hours before they said, oh, maybe we shouldn't apologize. the embassy of the united states, condemns the efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the feelings of muslim -- the people who attacked our embassy. >> that was before the attack on
9:41 pm
the embassy. >> it doesn't matter! >> it absolutely matters! >> sean: they're dead wrong. >> i'm not dead wrong. that statement was issued before the attack -- look at the fact checker -- [overlapping dialogue] >> people were protesting outside the embassy. >> they storm stormed our embassy? >> they already attacked the embassy. >> no, sean. look at the timeline. >> sean: this went on for nine and-a-half hours. you are talking about nine and-a-half straight hours. >> let's be clear. you were not in that embassy -- somebody's coming to get you, you are trying to defuse the situation. give me a break! >> this is the problem, what we're up again. the mind-set of appeasement, to put that in an official statement is so outrageous, i say it in the book, liberals lover to hate christiabs --ians. liberals love to hate the entire american exceptionalism. mitt romney was dead on. >> sean: this is ft. hood all over again. this is not -- this is workplace
9:42 pm
violence. no, man-caused disaster. overseas contingency operation. thank you, paul. will will the obama administration finally stop funneling your hard-earned tax dollars to the radical regimes? we will look at how much money we spend on libya and egypt. and the divide grows wider, thanks to president obama's pathetic approach to foreign policy. why won't the president meet with the prime minister netanyahu after his request? and we continue to monitor the developing situation in cairo and the growing crowd of protest outside of the u.s. embassy, tonight on i've worked hard to build my family. and also to build my career. so i'm not about to always let my frequent bladder urges, or the worry my pipes might leak get in the way of my busy lifestyle. that's why i take care, with vesicare. once-daily vesicare can help control your bladder muscle and is proven to treat overactive bladder with sympts of frequent urges and leaks day and night.
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>> sean: protesters are gathering in cairo, egypt. protesters can be seen firing rocks into the streets. but first, the violence in ejipts and libya are raising important questions about how much money the united states is sending overseas to these radical regimes. according to the congressional research service, our government doles out $1.3 billion a year to egypt's military. and since the start of the arab spring, the u.s. has provided libya with more than $200 million in assistance. should we be paying that mony? joining me with reaction, monica
9:47 pm
crowley and the director of the law fair project, brook goldstein. it is knowing the history of the brotherhood, how we give them a penny, how they get invitations to the white house -- i can't get an invitation to the white house to the christmas party. >> guback to the beginning of the arab spring and this administration did everything in its power to dislodge two key u.s. allies, hosni mubarak and moammar khadafy. muammar al-qaddafi was providing us with invaluable intel intense what was happening in libya and the region. he did everything in his power to dislodge the two u.s. ally, knowing that the replacements would be muslim brotherhood-- no. well, if they knew then i am angrier i. well, of course they knew-- how did they know? >> the muslim brotherhood is the most important, dangerous and organized islamic organization in the world. >> sean: i said this from day one.
9:48 pm
a few of us said this. i have to bring brook in here. >> from day one, the muslim brotherhood has been clear-- prepare for war with israel. >> this is our goal, with what he campaigned upon. we had a piece of legislation that resfrikt stricted funding egypt ushdz the muslim brother looed and of course, obama hillary clinton exercised a waiver and we continue to fund the muslim brotherhood. the same with the palestinian authority, when this joined up with hamas -- they exercised a waiver. >> sean: all of this is incomprehensible to me. the president goes forward, pushes mubarak over the brink, with no understanding who is likely to take over -- >> i disagree with you -- you say this. >> full -- the muslim brotherhood originated in egypt. they have been waiting 80 years for this moment. they orchestrated this moment --
9:49 pm
rule egypt! of course, they were? so they knew. >> this president knew exactly what he was doing. >> sean: our embassy gibreached. our flag is ripped down. al qaeda slogans and flags are raised, et cetera, al qaeda-like. and libya -- we have four people that are dead, an ambassador dragged true the streets like somalia and mogadishu. the president's response is, because mitt romney says we should condemn it that she is shooting first and aiming second, as we apologize officially as a country for nine and-a-half hours. beam me up, scottie. there is no intelligent life here. >> obama's response, the state department's response is in line with the organization of the islamic conference, the arab league and the muslim brotherhood -- condemn the blasphemy of islam. from day one, president obama has been lobbying that the denigration of religious beliefs be a crime. we co-sponsored a resolution
9:50 pm
that attempts to outlaw blasphemy of islam. >> a critical point, brook. critical, critical point that hasn't been covered. and the transfer of responsibility. what we always do in the west and in the united states -- and you saw it from the embassy tweet and their statement yesterday. we take responsibility unto ourselves. the burden is always on us when this happens. no. it is time that the muslim world accept responsibility for their faith and their mobs, period! >> sean: why do people act like this over a cartoon? why do radical extremists react -- think about this -- why do people react this way over a movie that nobody in america even knows about? >> it's a guise, it's a pretext for anti-american violence. this was well orchestrated and planned for 9/11. >> absolutely planned and coming out that the white house is saying, the state department is saying that libya was planned weeks in advance. >> the president can't acknowledge ft. hood as a wooer
9:51 pm
terror. there is a consistent pattern of not recognizing as the 9/11 commission said, they're at wor wor -- at war with us. >> there are different forms of jihad. there is the immediate and urgent problem of vigent gimad and then there is this -- the stealth jihad. >> sean: the question of israel comes up. next, benjamin netanyahu requested a meeting with president obama. guess what? he was rejected. we will check in with the deputy chairman of the kineset. wewill continue to monitor the escalating situation in cairo, egypt. a growing number of protesters, growing at this hour, outside of the u.s. embassy, emergency vehicles have arrived on the scene. that and much more as
9:52 pm
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>> sean: this is a fox news alert. you are looking at live pictures from cairo, egypt, where protesters have been on the streets for hours. emergency vehicles have been seen among people in the crowd, throughout the night, we have seen fires burning, rocks being thrown. smoke rising. we will continue to monitor the situation on the ground. but first na clear indication that israel is growing tired of the president's weak stance on
9:56 pm
iran's nuclear facilities, prime minister mench benjamin netanyahu put washington on a notice with a trongly worded statement on israel's defense against iran. >> the world tells israel, wait! there is still time. and i say, wait for what? wait until when? those in the international community who refuse to put red lines before iran don't have a moral right to place a red light before israel. >> joining me with the reaction is the author of the book, israel, the will to prevail. good it see you. >> good evening. >> sean: these are not good times, we are close allies. this is probably the greatest divide i can think of in my lifetime. >> in my book, i write about the close relationship between
9:57 pm
israel and the u.s. but today it is a time of crisis, you expect your partner to stand with you. nuclear iran is not only a threat to the israelis, it is a threat to the american people and the policies of obama administration brings division? >> the prime minister -- i have known him for years. the prime minister requested when he comes to the united nations, a meeting with the president. but the president's too busy. he will be on letterman, a late-night comedy show, campaigning in a time of such tension -- >> he wants to meet president obottom anot to discuss the weather in washington, d.c. we want to ask him what he is going to do. i think president obama is avoiding the meeting because we want to know if he wantsitous wait with iran. but you ask him, until when? what do you intend to do? and he decided not to decide on the issue of iran. and actually, what he is telling us, sean, we have to act on
9:58 pm
ourselves, we have to take our destination in our own hands and i believe that they gallon back home to israel and sit down with the government and take a decision? >> the words "never again." you see it all around israel. >>. >> he said, ahmadinejad, i want to wipe out the jewish people. and i believe him. >> sean: i believe him. >> and then i am going after the u.s. , the great saturn. what do you want to wait in to check to see if he means what he's saying? at some point, there is no other option. now you are coshedded with the muslim brotherhood in edisbript edisbript -- in egypt because the president didn't think through or certainly made an intelligence huge bungle with the muslim brotherhood. the difference between b.b.,the prime minister of israel and our president, i hear clarity from him. moral clarity. i hear ambiguity and fear from
9:59 pm
our president, the fear being i can't say the word islamic terrorist. i don't want to say war on terrorism. >> look at the picture from libya, egypt. we are in a war with the >> i see an alliance, first against israel and then the united states. >> we prevent coms, western societies. because we happen to be close by, they are coming after us. in my book, i reveal that today in iran, have you 25,000 jews. every morning, they marched at school. when they go into the public school in iran, they are marching with the israeli flag or the ameri


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